Artificial sweetener sucralose increases blood sugar levels?

A recent Diabetes Care publication indicates that the use of the artificial sweetener sucralose (i.e., Spenda) affects the glycemic response to carbohydrate intake by increases glucose levels:

Nonnutritive sweeteners (NNS), such as sucralose, have been reported to have metabolic effects in animal models. However, the relevance of these findings to human subjects is not clear. We evaluated the acute effects of sucralose ingestion on the metabolic response to an oral glucose load in obese subjects….  These data demonstrate that sucralose affects the glycemic and insulin responses to an oral glucose load in obese people who do not normally consume NNS.

Subsequent news articles used these results in a highly speculative manner to hype a connection between the sweetener in Type 2 Diabetes which, in fact, was not part of the research.



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