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The effects of caffeine versus maltodextrin during exercise were observed in patients with type 2 di … more

Initial findings suggest relationship but with sibling-control analyses, effect almost disappears&he … more

A BMI of more than 25 kg/m seems to be a protective factor for renal function deterioration in some … more

Rates for patients with diabetes are two times higher in low-income neighborhoods compared to high-i … more

I’ve often heard from fellow vegetable gardeners that they are over-run by zucchini come mid-summer … more

Novopelle Has Gained the Attention of CBS’ the Doctors for Their New, ‘Taboo’ Weight Loss Progr … more

The odds of having diabetic macular edema, a leading cause of vision loss in patients with diabetes … more

An enzyme called 12-LO promotes the obesity-induced oxidative stress in the pancreatic cells that le … more

Join Dahn Yoga & Health Centers, Inc., the national leader in health and wellness, in celebrating … more

Laser gum surgery in Pleasant View, UT is now an option for patients looking to treat gum disease … more

Dr. Navid Baradarian and his staff at Marine Park Periodontics and Implantology give people who h … more

Children with high everyday levels of a protein released into the blood in response to infection are … more

A new study indicating that Americans have approximately a 40 percent risk of developing diabetes du … more

Mutations in genes that lead to childhood leukemia of the acute lymphoblastic type — the most commo … more

Manzella Family Healthcare is the first provider in Pennsylvania to adopt the IHW HABIT™ Progra … more

Now offering premium dental care for Kingsville, TX residents, Tilman Richards, DDS, provides a s … more

Doc's Amazing Low Fat Chicken Sausages Certified by American Heart Association Now Available … more

Title: 40 Percent of Americans Will Develop Diabetes, CDC ProjectsCategory: Health NewsCreated: 8/12 … more

Close to half (40%) of the adult population of the USA is expected to develop type 2 diabetes at som … more

On June 28th, Erin Spineto, Renee Moreno, and I swam 12.5 miles around the island of Key West, FL. W … more

Residents with gum disease in Lake City, FL can now receive treatment for their symptoms from Dr. … more

Doctors Doug Lowy and Reid Nelson of Nelson & Lowy, PSC now offer New Albany, KY patients a revol … more

Dr. Gillian Seton, a 2008 graduate of Loma Linda University School of Medicine, is serving since … more

In a rare study of how street network design affects public health, researchers have discovered that … more

The nation’s premier annual physical activity and Hispanic family health celebration.(PRWeb Augus … more

Some generations remember where they were WWII started and ended, when Kennedy got shot. For me … more

Sometimes when we prepare this newsletter, the articles, slides and text all seem to go together. Th … more

Accreditation demonstrates Nurtur as a best-in-class provider of Disease Management programs that … more

Appointment brings CloudMetRx over 15 years of experience in SaaS and Data Analytics.(PRWeb Augus … more

Diabetes is a huge and growing problem, and the costs to society are high and escalating. In the Wes … more

Bringing Your Diabetes to WorkA Sweet Life Aug 12, 2014, 11:58 am
Diabetes: it goes with you to the store, shows up at Christmas, and trots along to work with you eve … more

The impact of major cardiovascular risk factors combined is greater in women than men and in blacks … more

JDRF has a new legislative issue that is a high priority for and it needs your help. Recently, U.S. … more

Through donations and acts of kindness towards seniors in Philadelphia, Medical Guardian honors t … more

In this week’s Homerun Slides set, we look at Dr. Stanley Schwartz’s presentation from this year’s … more

Rudy Bilous, MD, FRCP
Richard Donnelly, MD, PHD, FRCP, FRACP

Epidemiological studies of diabe … more

Terry Gregg, CEO, Dexcom, talks about how the blood glucose monitoring in cars and how getting upda … more

Many human metabolic functions only run smoothly if the acid level in the body remains neutral and s … more

My apologies for last week’s lack of posts. I worked triple time before I flew to the 2014 AADE Conf … more

BD AutoShield Duo Pen Needle
The BD AutoShield Duo Pen Needle automatically protects patients from … more


Sanofi and MannKind Corporation have entered into a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement for de … more

The iPhone and Android mobile apps, developed by Purple Forge for the Norfolk General Hospital, h … more

A study found short bursts of fast walking resulted in better blood glucose control than did walking … more

Health Food Emporium is having a sale on Garden of Life's flag ship products, Primal Defense … more

Men showed slightly greater hip-bone loss at four years than did those in the diabetes support and e … more

After revascularization procedures, the risk for total mortality, cardiovascular mortality and myoca … more

The tiny fruit fly can be used to study how mutations associated with the development of diabetes af … more

Metformin and SGLT2 inhibitors together reduce the blood sugar levels of diabetics more effectively … more

The glucose-reducing drug empagliflozin (Jardiance) won approval today from the US Food and Drug Adm … more

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