Dear Readers, got some “hate mail” from the JDRF about my Washington state coverage to share with you…. It was too wordy for “comments” so I’m posting the letters for them.

Note that I stand by the reporting in the post that JDRF missed out on the opportunity to give a formal response to the HTA report and become part of the record. Several JDRF parents have contacted me since and confirmed that at least the local chapters were active on the ground in the state. But if the JDRF were as active as they now claim since the beginning, why did they give up the effort in the final hour?

Anyway, I’ll let the JDRF speak for themselves in their own words, completely unedited (other than removing their phone numbers and emails:

Dear Mr. Dubois,

I hope you’re well. We at JDRF were pleased to see your April 14 blog post reporting on the decision made by the Washington State Health Care Authority to support continued coverage of blood glucose strips for children in the state. We were, however, disappointed to see that you highlighted JDRF as absent from the advocacy that led to this win. JDRF had been involved for several years in this effort. To that end, Jeffrey Brewer, JDRF’s President and CEO, asked that I share the following letter summarizing our advocacy support.

If you have any questions or would like to talk further, please let me know.


Rachel Steinhardt
National Director, Marketing and Communications
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Dear Mr. Dubois,

In mid-March, the diabetes community came together to advocate for unlimited continued coverage of blood glucose strips for children with diabetes in Washington State. And we succeeded. This was an important victory not only for children in the state, but for individuals with type 1 diabetes around the country.

I’m reaching out to you now in re … Read the Rest

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