I don’t recommend that you attempt the following – AT ALL. But like always, I will share the good, the bad and the diabetesaliciousness of it all with you! Including the not so smart moves – Like what happened yesterday~

So I’m not a crazy football fan, but I l love me a good Super Bowl party with a great half-time show and an exciting come from behind win – And last night was no exception.
Yesterday morning I baked a pumpkin pie to bring to a Super Bowl party; (did I mention my friend’s son is a pumpkin pie fiend, and I couldn’t disappoint, plus PP is the only pie I know how to bake, so it was a total win, win,) did all types of organizational crap ( I know, I know – so unlike me,) and for some weird reason, my blood sugars were under 100 for most of the day. Which was not only weird, but somewhat annoying because I was trying to keep my pre-game meals light. Instead, I found myself having to eat more than I actually felt like eating, even with a decreased temporary basal rate at lunchtime. Anyway, the day flew by and finally at 4:50 and just before I walked out the door with both my pie & keys in hand, I tested my blood sugar – I was 112.
Cut to me arriving at my friend’s house and seeing the chip and dip spread and immediately setting my increased temporary basal rate by half and for a duration of 2.5 hours.
I caught up with friends, played Dance, Dance Revolution pre-game with the kids ( I ROCK at DDR bytheway,) enjoyed generous amounts of spicy buffalo chicken dip (SO GOOD) and chips and watched some of the game, but mostly the commercials.
And just before the venison chili, chicken wings and … Read the Rest

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