Edited by Frank J. Snoek and T. Chas Skinner
Diabetes in Older Adults

4.1 Introduction 
Diabetes mellitus is a common metabolic disorder affecting older adults. With time, effects of diabetes on the cardiovascular system, the kidneys, the retina and the peripheral nervous system, often referred to as long-term complications of diabetes, substantially increase mortality and morbidity in older adults. In general, diabetes in older adults is under diagnosed and undertreated. A growing body of evidence assessing outcomes of interventions and an increasing number of therapeutic options for diabetes management have increased the importance of making a diagnosis and offering appropriate intervention strategies to older persons who have this potentially devastating disorder. Although the incidence of new-onset type 1 diabetes in older adults is very low, effective treatment of type 1 diabetes may prevent or delay the development of long-term complications and increased mortality. Thus, people who develop type 1 diabetes earlier in life may live to old age and therefore become a part of the spectrum of diabetes mellitus in an older adult population….
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