“A smooth sea never made a good sailor. A straight and level road never made a good driver.” Unknown
“Skiing combines outdoor fun with knocking down trees with your face.” Dave Barry

Friday started out as one of those smooth sailing blood sugar days, at least for the first part. Actually, I was running slightly on the low side during the day. Not super low, can’t feel my lips or function low. More like always being hungry and hovering around 115 all day. Which is weird, because normally dinner time is when hunger really seams to strike for me. But not Friday, Friday, was snacking central! Still, no matter how much I snacked on Kashi bars, yogurts and grapes, my blood sugar at dinner was 74.
I made dinner (a Spanish omelet with one slice of Ezekiel toast & a small apple with peanut butter) bolused for my meal and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Two hours later I tested and my blood sugar was 250 – And you could have knocked me over with a freaking feather because I had absolutely no idea why! I’d literally put in a new infusion site the night before and it looked and felt fine. Plus, my numbers had been on the low side all day – I had no idea what was going on but I knew it was pissing me off, BIG TIME.
I did a correction bolus and 1.5 hours later I was 314, an hour after that I was 300. I had a meeting with myself and decided that I would change my 20 hour old infusion site, SWAGED an extra unit in my correction bolus and increased my temporary bolus rate by 25%. Then I waited… And waited…. And waited. After two more decreased blood sugars of 256 and 234, I ended up blowing a 177 before bed. Did I mention that my ears started itching Friday night?? Me thinks that my stupid sinuses might have been coming into play,but I digress.
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