So it was 2004 (or was it 2003 ?) and my a1c’s were in the range of fabulous. Something like 6.5. But while my a1cs were fabulosity times infinity, my abdomen looked like a color wheel – I kid you not.

Every part of my stomach that you could reach with needle was in the process of changing between shades of yellow, green, blue and purple and all the way around. And It wasn’t pretty. While at the time I had abs that were bikini ready, I couldn’t wear one because of all the bruising on my belly.

I was bolusing for every 15 grams of carbs I put my mouth (except treating lows and workout carbs) and I was running out of real estate. I was also very sensitive to my night time Lantus (one of the 10% of the population) and the acidity of it actually brought tears to my eyes on a nightly basis.

So anyway, I was sitting in my Endo’s office on the exam table and Dr. J kept looking at my stomach.

Dr. J: Kel-Lee(that’s how he pronounces my name) your a1c is wonderful

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