Last week, one of our members said that they were fed up injecting insulin in dirty public restrooms. We wondered how common this practice was.

Are you comfortable injecting in public or do you seek out a private place like a restroom?

We posed the question on the Diabetes Daily Facebook page. And over 300 of you responded… strongly! Here are the nine most popular answers:

“Of course; it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We inject, we live :)” – Jessica Alcorn

“Yes I do! However back in the day when I was a teenager I went to the restroom at a McDonald’s and injected my insulin and had some lady call the police and tell them I was “shooting up” heroin in the bathroom!!! Three armed cops came rushing into the bathroom and grabbed my purse!! I was so scared and embarrassed!! They later apologized, but I was done doing it in the bathroom! So now I do it in the open,but the pens make it easier!!” – Randee Fratto

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