Last week I ran my last race of the season, the Tel Aviv Half Marathon. And as I did in all of races I ran this year (4 half marathons, 1 marathon, 1 10k race and my first 15K race), I set a new personal record: 1:36:06.

The race was great and it was a great way to finish a fantastic period of running.

My progress has a lot to do with hard work and self-discipline, waking up early most days, eating correctly and living more of an athlete’s lifestyle than I ever have. It also has a lot to do with my coach who made me believe that I could do better and helped me get there. He also ran the last race with me, which helped me keep up the pace and break the PR I had set just a month earlier. (Thanks, Moshe.)


I have become a much better runner. But running with diabetes has not become easier. I still check my blood sugar throughout my training runs. And I still spend much of my races wondering if my blood sugar is high or low.

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  • Description: I think that no matter how well, much and long I run, I will always worry about running with diabetes. Even if I were cured I’d probably still worry, that’s how much the fear is a part of me.