Never Again

More Diabetes Daily Apr 16, 2012, 8:58 pm

Never again will I complain about how I hate to prick my fingers.

Never again will I complain about what poker I have in my bag and how one hurts a little more than the other.

Never again will I complain about the minuscule pepper-dots on my fingertips.


When my baby was born 8 1/2 months ago, he had to stay in the NICU for 2 days because they couldn’t regulate his blood sugar. They had to keep pricking his heel to keep a check on his levels. Erik (my husband) told me that they kept something on his heels to keep the wound from healing over so they wouldn’t have to keep poking him over and over.

This is what they poked his heels with:

Somehow, a few were left in the “bucket” that was in the bottom of his wheelie-basket (that’s what I called it, anyway). I left them there for the day when I would finally get up the courage to look at one myself… maybe even prick my own finger with it. Today, I opened one just to see it… but I pushed the button before it got to my finger. {read: I’M A WUSS!} So, since I had already disengaged it, I decided to crack it open and look at it.. compare it to my lancet.

And I cried all over again, remembering what his heels looked like the first time I saw them in the NICU. Wondering how it must have felt. The guilt that came flooding my heart to know that it was because of my uncontrolled blood sugars that morning that threw his little body for a loop after birth for two days.

I’ll never again be picky over the choice of prickers I have.

I will be thankful for them.
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