I hate when people imply that taking more insulin to cover a certain food (let’s say that food is a cupcake or a piece of fruit for that matter) is a bad thing. Recently when I was having Brunch with friends, one of them saw me silently calculating (I guess I had the “math confuses me look” on my face) carbs of a fruit salad and she said: Oh…., I guess you have to take more insulin to cover the fruit?? Maybe you could just ask for a side of veggies with your omelet instead of all that fruit.In my head head I was like: Maybe you could ask for an extra side of Stupid with your oatmeal! But I didn’t. Instead I said: No, I like the fruit, no worries – I can figure it out.
Here’s the thing: I (and by “I, ” I mean “WE,”) don’t make insulin – At all. the Bermuda Triangle of my body called The Islet of Langerhans was destroyed when I was 8 and has virtually disappeared. So in the most simple explanation eve, In order for me to turn food into energy, insulin (via my insulin pump) is needed. Without insulin, I wouldn’t be able to write this blog, because I’d be dead. … Read the Rest

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