Boxes. Triangles. Circles. Xs. Stars. Crosses. Psychedelic colors. It doesn’t look biological. It doesn’t look medical. It looks archeological. Or forensic. A map of the scattered pieces of a downed airliner.

We all know CGM should more properly be called PCGM—for Pseudo Continuous Glucose Monitoring. There’s nothing continuous about it at all. It checks every five minutes. I guess someone at Dex decided it would be more honest to make graphs that plot only bona fide readings. But the result is a statistically proper scatter plot that’s fucking impossible to read.

Med-T software engineers went the fill-in-the gap route—connecting the dots to create smooth trace lines (albeit often with insanely steep slopes and valleys). To me, at least, these are much easier to read.

Hmmm…. Wait a minute. That’s not really an accurate statement. Because you don’t really “read” a CGM download. Not the way you read me, or a book, or a magazine, or your iPad.

You “read” it more like a radiologist “reads” an X-Ray. It’s visual, yes, but in many ways more visceral than cognitive. More interpretive tha … Read the Rest

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