In his book, The Primal Blueprint, Mark Sisson presents the compelling idea that by adapting to the lifestyle of our hunter-gatherer, paleolithic ancestors, we can reprogram our bodies in the direction of weight loss, good health, and longevity. The book gives an historical background on why we should be eating like our earliest paleolithic ancestors did, explains why we’re now eating like our neolithic ancestors, and why our bodies haven’t adapted to many of these newer foods. Furthermore, Sisson tells us that many of the foods we eat today, especially grains, have been genetically and environmentally modified causing insulin resistance and inflammation, the root causes of many of today’s lifestyle diseases. The Blueprint in the book offers 10 steps for reprogramming your genes to transform yourself from a sugar-burner to a fat-burner, lose weight, heal your body and boost your energy. The Primal approach is not just a meal plan.  It covers a life system including fasting, bursts of exercise and strength training, sleep and stress reduction. 

The book is written very simply and is a quick, easy and fun read. Some readers will probably also enjoy the cartoon-like characters Sisson uses to illustrate his points. If you choose to try the diet, there is much support and more information on Mark’s blog, Mark’s Daily Apple. Mark has written hundreds of articles about going Primal and provides recipes to help on the journey. 


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