Diabetes Blog Week 2014 officially ended yesterday and what a crazy & wonderful week it was! But here’s the thing: I’m still behind in reading all of the fantastical  #dblogweek posts – So I don’t feel right picking day seven’s subject matter – favorite things in the form of posts, until I’ve completed the task of reading them all. 
Instead, I’m going to share my favorite parts and feelings of Diabetes Blog Week. 
Diabetes Blog Week takes a series of topics and allows each participant to put their own D spin on them. And as Diabetes Online Community members, we are given the gift of viewing those subjects through hundreds of different voices – And I love the sound of the voices, individually and collectively. I love the creative writing challenge, the connections and the different POVs on the same subject matters.And I absolutely love that because of Diabetes Blog Week, we become inspired by new diabetes blogs and discover wonderful and inspiring things about the people behind t … Read the Rest

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