Each year in early summer I worked diligently on my daughter’s annual diabetes camp “to do” list. Sunscreen? Check. Medical plan? Check. Clothes I don’t mind coming back … gamey? Check. Oh, yes, I made absolutely sure her camp experience was going to be perfect.

But here’s a secret I didn’t share then: I had another list going as well, a diabetes camp list just as vital, detailed and yes, important for the success of the camp experience as hers.

I called it my “Me Camp List.” And while it may sound selfish and it may seem cold, my list of what I needed for myself and the rest of my family while my child with diabetes was away at camp was just as studied.

Because here’s the secret said aloud: Diabetes camp is as much for the parents and the rest of the family as it is for the child with diabetes.

Wait. I’m going to just come right out and say it the way it really is: Diabetes camp is a complete and total diabetes vacation for ME. And the rest of my family.

I had been told this, but I don’t think I understood it until that first summer of 1998 after I dropped my then six-year old daughter with diabetes off at Clara Barton Camp for a two-week session. At first I felt guilty: there I was at home, not counting a carb, not drawing a dose, not even thinking about a meal plan. I was reclining in the delicious  luxury of life sans diabetes – footrest and

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