Can you remember where the phrase, Warning, Will Robinson, warning warning! came from? This week we have a real warning list for you to pay attention to as the information from ISMP in our Disaster Averted looks at the High Alert Medications that can have very serious complications ( if given to the wrong patient or if given incorrectly.
Our Homerun Slides series turns its focus on the Kidneys and Diabetes (, and our Clinical Text looks at the idea of triple therapy for patients with higher A1c’s ( our Mastery in Minutes video has some answers for you as to why so many hospital hypoglycemia incidents are reported as unknown. (
By the way the phrase was from the robot, done by Dick Tufeld in Lost in Space which aired from 1965 to 1968 and was uttered when the the teen astronaut, Will Robinson, was about to do something dangerous. … Read the Rest

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