Mary Tyler Moore was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes some four decades ago, and through the years she’s been perhaps the world’s top diabetes spokesperson.  But advocacy couldn’t protect her from Type 1 diabetes complications.

The new Closer Weekly Magazine cover story on Mary Tyler Moore, tells the story of her battle with Type 1 diabetes, and her current state of health.

The Closer story reveals that Ms. Tyler Moore has almost completely lost her sight and is struggling with what her friend Valerie Harper called in the story “the ravages of diabetes.”

Her friend Betty White said, “[Tyler Moore is now] almost beyond the point [of being able to see].” And in fact, Ms. Tyler Moore has not made public appearances, for the most part, for the past two years. Even her traditional appearance at JDRF’s Children’s Congress was cancelled last summer.

This has caused a stir in the diabetes community.  On Facebook, one mother of a child with diabetes said, “We need a cure for Type 1 diabetes. When someone who has advocated for those battling and living with this disease, someone who is well known and successful, isn’t immune to devastating affects, then you know a cure needs to be found. Best wishes to Mary for her health.”

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