I don’t envy those whose job it is to make diabetes-friendly eating into something that sounds exciting – or at least worth the time and effort to complete a recipe. The stuff’s got to taste good, the ingredients have to be somewhat familiar; the recipes can’t be too difficult. You don’t want to terrify any newcomers to diabetes, but you’d like to avoid exasperating the old-timers. 

Somehow, the hardworking souls who put together this diabetes cookbook, Diabetes & Heart Healthy Cookbook made it all work. The book is a joint effort from the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association, so while I was eager to try out some of the recipes, I was also slightly wary of what I’d find inside. Would the recipes call for abominations like sugar-free jelly or spray margarine? How much kale would be involved? Did each recipe come with a free lecture from a disappointed endocrinologist and/or cardiologist? 

Upon the very first reading, though, it became clear that this is really just a cookbook for people who want to eat healthy, with the added bonus of exchange counts and complete nutrition information for each recipe. There are lighter takes on perennial favorites, like Mustard-Crusted Beef Tenderloin and Chicken Pot Pie, and then there are more adventurous recipes containing things like farro, which – news to me – is an ancient whole grain that’s popular in Italy.

There’s a pretty beefy (heh) vegetarian section, which is where I fou

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