As of late, My road to Better is paved with so much damn paperwork that I can barely see straight. and if I let it all get to me, not only would my blood sugars would be through the roof, I’d miss a lot of the good on the way to better~
Breathe deep – let it out and count your blessings, Kel!
Paperwork: Lately, My life has been bombarded with paperwork. 
New car insurance paperwork – Return phone calls taking longer than they should, which in turn holds up the whole car purchasing process.  
Things like new health insurance paperwork, which has resulted in me spending an inordinate amount of time: 

1. Calling up my DME companies, pharmacy & Doctors offices with new insurance card ID numbers and the likes there of 

2. Paperwork as in figuring out how why I now must pay 167.50 every 3 months for test strips and close to $300 every 3 months for pump supplies when I used to pay zero. … Read the Rest

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