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MOVE! Coach from the VA

For your patients who are veterans, the U.S. Departments of Veterans Affairs has recently begun releasng several apps designed to both help vets in their personal health goals and also navigate the VA system. (For the complete of what’s available and what’s coming soon, just follow this link ( You can also check out what iTunes has ( – the apps aren’t yet available for Android yet.) MOVE! Coach is one of the first ones available and is linked in to a more comprehensive support system on their website. No reviews are in yet and there are sure to be a few bugs along the way but this is a great first step towards creating apps targeted towards the specific needs of vets. For more information.

Test Your Knowledge Question #731
Monitoring parameters for glitazones include:
a) Liver function testing for Actos only
b) Monitoring of sudden weight gain only in Avandia
c) Liver function testing should be performed before the start of therapy, every 2 months for the first year, then periodically thereafter
d) Not contraindicated in patients with… … Read the Rest

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