There are a plethora of new shows available to viewers today, and many of them are mysteries where a murder or crime occurs, dedicated law enforcement officials work to find out who committed the crime, and then go about punishing them. This attitude works well for whodunit shows but is not a great way to go about trying to limit medication errors. This week, in our Disaster Averted section, we are sharing information from ISMP on the problem with focusing on whodunit and not what done it when it comes to fixing errors (
Our Homerun Slides look at how the burgeoning epidemics of obesity and diabetes are growing all over the world (, and our Clinical Text gets into detail on the use of biguanides and tzd’s with patients with comorbidities ( Our Mastery In Minutes video continues our interview with Kathie L. Hermayer, MD, and Pam Arnold, MSN, on how they worked to lower hypoglycemic rates in the MUSC hospital system ( … Read the Rest

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