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Sometimes the simplest things can be the hardest to do correctly, and nowhere else could it be more … more

Terry Gregg, CEO, Dexcom, talks about the increases in CGM accuracy which Dexcom is working towards, … more

Rudy Bilous MD, FRCP
Richard Donnelly MD, PHD, FRCP, FRACP

Islet structure and function
Insuli … more

From our partners at the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP.org): A nurse gave orange jui … more

AADE 2014 – Special Announcement
Dear Fellow Diabetes Educator,

Thank you for being a valued membe … more

Researchers found that desserts made with added soluble fiber (dextrin) and sucralose in place of ad … more

A survey of parents whose children were enrolled at an obesity clinic found that 31.4% believed thei … more

Women close to menopause are commonly told to take supplements containing calcium and vitamin D to p … more

But risk for CVD was higher in the prediabetes group than for those who already had diabetes, probab … more

Patients in the top quartile of salt consumption had a 2.07-fold higher risk of CVD than the lowest … more

Google and Novartis/Alcon have agreed to collaborate upon the development of a smart contact lens fo … more

Developed by researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine, a hand-held machine detects is … more

Italian researchers find nonalcoholic fatty liver disease to be the main factor….

The increase is significantly higher among men and the rotating shift group, according to Chinese re … more

Psychomotor speed may be affected….

Can pioglitazone reduce more than blood glucose levels?…

Educating more than one person simultaneously may have more impact on an individual’s care….

Italian researchers find correlation….

CME/CE of the Week
Vacuum Assisted Closure in Op … more

Featured Jobs
Physician, General Internal Medicine – Virginia Mason Medical Center (http … more

Each year when I talk to educators about the AADE meeting, I often find out that they can’t go becau … more

In this week’s Homerun Slides, we covers topics including Familial Renal Glucosuria, Analysis of S … more

The mixing up of mixed insulins can cause problems for some of our patients especially if they are t … more

Rudy Bilous MD, FRCP
Richard Donnelly MD, PHD, FRCP, FRACP

Impact on healthcare expenditure


When prescribing NovoLog® Mix 70/30 analog insulin, health care professionals may write an uncle … more

Novartis and Google Developing Smart Contact Lens to Monitor Blood Sugars
See this week’s Item #11. … more

It may have a reputation for being highly toxic, but when used in the right tiny dosage, hydrogen su … more

A new study examining individual counseling for self-care in patients with diabetes vs group educati … more

Previous studies have suggested that people given pioglitazone for type 2 diabetes were less likely … more

HbA1c variability is a predictor of all-cause mortality….

Attending a brief diabetes education program helps glycemic control in newly diagnosed patients…. … more

Tight control for older adults offers only modest benefits?…

An addition of the amino acid glutamine to the diet may help with weight loss and diabetes managemen … more

Painful diabetic neuropathy (PDPN) has been associated with higher nocturnal blood pressure in patie … more

Corneal confocal microscopy (CCM) could be used and adopted as a surrogate marker for small-fiber ne … more

Under a new system of care, diabetes-related macro- and microvascular complications. are managed as … more

Results are promising but rejection rate is higher with deceased donor transplants….

Smart contact lenses would also correct vision in a different way similar to an autofocus camera len … more

The prevalence of macular edema, the primary cause of impaired vision in diabetic patients, is on th … more

Continuous insulin pump might be superior in managing blood glucose than insulin injections….

According to research done in the SLIMM-T2D randomized trial, gastric bypass surgery may have additi … more

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UpToDate is a clinical resource used by man … more

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gav … more

CME/CE of the Week
Hyperbaric Oxygen in Diabetic … more

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