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When Al Mann first said he was going to develop an inhaled insulin, many thought he was beating a de … more

Diabetes is a huge and growing problem, and the costs to society are high and escalating. More was s … more

With this week’s Homerun Slides, we have a short special presentation for you on the new inhaled i … more

This week, we are taking a break from our Clinical Text presentations, to bring you this exclusive i … more

Dr. Philipp Scherer talks about healthy obesity and how some people are really adept at expandin … more

A long-term UK study revealed that in order to prevent poorer health outcomes, changes need to be ma … more

The FDA first rejected the drug combination in February 2011, asking the company to conduct a cardio … more

Methazolamide, proven in a study to be beneficial in diabetes treatment, could be the archetype for … more

But results from the longitudinal study also confirmed that improvements in insulin sensitivity were … more

Sleeve gastrectomy is now a treatment option for patients with obesity to help reduce weight and man … more

Diabetic women who use sulfonylureas for a long time could have a higher risk of developing CHD…. … more

Metformin seems to have positive effects on body composition, insulin sensitivity, and glucose homeo … more

Slow caffeine metabolizers who drink more than three cups a day have the highest risk….

Sometimes your patients will find themselves at a restaurant, hotel, or reception where they can’t p … more

About one in every 1,000 individuals carries a variant in PPARG, which is treatable with tailored ph … more

This week there has been a lot of cycling on TV, the Vuelta de Espana, Tour of Alberta, and the Tour … more

Diabetes is a huge and growing problem, and the costs to society are high and escalating. In Africa, … more

Terry Gregg, CEO, Dexcom, shares his thoughts on a cure for diabetes, commenting that 20 years ag … more

British researchers found children who skipped breakfast had 24.4% higher fasting insulin and 26.7% … more

A poll by ON World showed that 60% of potential wearable technology users prefer to employ devices f … more

A 10-year analysis of patients with type 2 diabetes treated with pioglitazone (Actos) found no stati … more

The contentious American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology guidelines, which stir … more

Adults with diabetes are at increased risk of subsequent new-onset atrial fibrillation – and t … more

U.S Preventive Services Task Force has shown that counseling makes a difference….

Children who reported eating a high fiber, cereal breakfast also had lower insulin resistance….

FreeStyle® Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System, a revolutionary new glucose sensing technology … more

Scientists have discovered that ‘good’ cholesterol is turned ‘bad’ by a sugar-derived substance, met … more

The rate of nocturnal hypoglycemia was also significantly lower in patients taking BIL….

A new model is presented for predicting which patients with type 1 diabetes will go on to develop ma … more

CME/CE of the Week
Diabetic Limb Salvage: Advanc … more

Featured Jobs
Physician for primary care wellness clinic – Foothills Primary Care (htt … more

If you attended the recent AADE meeting in Orlando and stopped by to visit our booth, you would have … more

MyTSADiabetes In Control Sep 6, 2014, 3:58 am
Transportation Security Administration (U.S.)
Free iOS/Android

One often overlooked challenge whic … more

Mobile App of the Week

One often overlooked challenge which faces our patients is travelin … more

Why doesn’t this gene affect females in the same way?…

I met a patient last Wednesday who had just turned 74 and has been living with type 1 diabetes for o … more

Diabetes is a huge and growing problem, and the costs to society are high and escalating. Europe has … more

Terry Gregg, CEO, Dexcom, discusses the current landscape of reimbursement for CGM technology. Alth … more

In this first of a series of four sets of Homerun Slides, we review the basics of SGLT-2 inhibitor … more

Rudy Bilous, MD, FRCP
Richard Donnelly, MD, PHD, FRCP, FRACP

Modern management of type 1 dia … more

Diabetes Drug Empagliflozin (Jardiance) SGLT-2 Inhibitor Available in Pharmacies
See this week’s Ite … more

12 Best Fiber FoodsDiabetes In Control Sep 2, 2014, 12:58 pm
12 Best Fiber Foods
Carbs raise blood sugar but fiber can moderate that rise. Fiber comes with a ho … more

Calorie Counting Machine
General Electric is working on a calorie counting device that could make d … more

Nipro Diagnostics received FDA approval for two of its self-monitoring blood glucose systems. The mo … more

Foods with a high concentration of flavonoids are linked to lower levels of insulin resistance and c … more

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