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This is a Friday “fun” post based on a very real carb conundrum & a little slice of South Philly hea … more

For the record – This list is not in any ranking order- Except for the first one.#####First: Please … more

Today and long with so many others in the Diabetes Online Community, I’m participating in the second … more

Gadget: A mechanical contrivance or device; any ingenious article1. A small mechanical  device … more

Lunch – A lot of times I’m not hungry at lunchtime – It’s just the way I am.  Plus, I drink a&n … more

 I have an affinity for wearing my insulin pump infusion sets on my abdomen and for several rea … more

Kids: Sometimes people tell me stuff that I don’t always want to know. #factBut 9 times out of 10 I … more

All of us living the diabetes life know that test-strip and glucose meter accuracy are two crucial c … more

I don’t really do a lot of seasonal sports sayings/euphemisms on the blog, except of course whe … more

No, it couldn’t be that my relatively new infusion site needed to be changed. Noooooo, it could … more

First off: The 2 winners of the Diabetesaliciousness Joe Soloweijczyk’s ‘A Type 1 Diabetes Guide To … more

On Wednesday  I wrote about my first friend with diabetes, Joe Solowiejczyk and how he cam … more

Writing about Joe, my very first friend with diabetes was difficult because there were so … more

Today started off as one of those days that made me long for a winning lottery ticket and a long vac … more

Low Blood Sugar: Self explanatory – You’re blood glucose drips, you feel like shit and you need to e … more

The actual Crypt Keeper has always scared the crap out of me (Like to the point where I couldn’t wat … more

The east coast was hit with the 15th snowstorm of the season today – A State of Emergency was called … more

My sister without diabetes & I were discussing body issues one day a few years back and she asked me … more

Ahhh – the wonders to be found at the bottom of my meter/diabetes supply case.Yep, this is wha … more

Living with diabetes means that sometimes we have to be aware of stuff that other people wouldn’t th … more

Late yesterday afternoon I read a tweet from Diabetes Blogger, Dan Fleshler  ( @Flesh … more

The following fantastical Gifs are courtesy of the fan forum for Downton Abbey: Unfortunately, … more

I’ve had my share of romantic Valentine’s Days in the past, but not this year. And I’m OK with … more

Some DaysDiabetesaliciousness™ Feb 11, 2014, 7:58 pm
Some days happen to the best of us.######I keep looking at my computer screen and all I can think of … more

Remember when I wrote about the electricity in the room at the 2014 Medtronic Diabetes Adv … more

My submission for Diabetes Art Day 2014######I like to see my life’s glass half full - Same goe … more

Tomorrow, Monday February 3rd is Diabetes Art Day – And you still have time to embrace your inn … more

Over the years I’ve shared many of my niece Cristin Milioti’s accomplishments with the Dia … more

 The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places. – Earnest Hemi … more

I was talking to a DParent I’d literally just met at a friend of a friend’s get-together a … more

“When it snows, you have two choices: shovel or make snow angels”. Unknown~######Yep, thes … more

The 2014 Medtronic Diabetes Advocate Forum  I’ve been staring at my computer screen for days (l … more

I’m flying out to the 3rd Medtronic Diabetes Advocate Forum, taking place in Southern Cali … more

So I went out this weekend in the freezing polar vortex of it all and and shoot some pictures – just … more

Winner of the D Inspired Bling from the DMamaOwl D Boutique is Emily.Winner of the Extend Nutrition … more

2013 recap?  I’m not going to do one.  Resolutions? Nope, not going to write abo … more

Today’s giveaway is courtesy of Extend Nutrition and it’s all about yummy snacks that don’t cause ha … more

The winners of the Spry Books giveaways from last week are: Jennifer INMWIMD & Rachael Sau … more

Thursday’s Stripsafely lapel pin winners are: Matthew Deets,Sue Rericha ,Hallie Addington, Marc … more

So First off: I’ve decided to extend Thursday’s StripSafely giveaway until Monday because it’s only … more

Today’s dabetesalicious giveaways are in the form of 5 StripSafely lapel pins.FYI: I have one of the … more

Today’s giveaway is all about cuteness times FIVE in the form of 5 Lenny The Lion giveaways!!Disclos … more

Full disclosure, I was given the Lifescan ONETouch VerioSync and test strips to review fre … more

So I was spending some time on Etsy (OK, I was spending a couple of hours on Etsy, because lets face … more

Today’s review & diabetesalicious holiday giveaway is all about stylish and pretty medical ID Jewelr … more

First:  This week’s Diabetesalicious giveaway winners:The winner of the Alecia Wesner Little Br … more

Insulin pump JeanJams & Zipps -Pumpwear.com Today’s Diabetesalicious giveaway is a combo featur … more

Today’s Diabetesalicious Holiday giveaway is a gorgeous necklace from one of the DOC’s own, the … more

First: Time to announce the winners for this week’s Diabetesalicious giveaways!The Winner of th … more

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