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Kids are cool and I wouldn’t mind if my infusion sets were all super-hero themed!Speaking of cool, t … more

I’m supposed to get my blood work done tomorrow for my Endo appointment next week. Here’s the t … more

There’s been a lot of talk about the stigma associated with diabetes as of late, a.k.a. #dstigma. On … more

So much happened during this year’s Children with Diabetes Friends For Life 2014 Conference, aka FFL … more

I’ve been a fan of Jerry the Bear for quite sometime. For those of you who don’t know Jerry, he tota … more

#AwkwardDPromPicDiabetesaliciousness™ Jul 7, 2014, 8:58 pm
I just walked in the door from Friends For Life & there’s a million emotions and memories … more

 I wrote this post on my iPad 37,000 feet in the air, on 4 hours sleep & uploaded it in the Mea … more

Every morning since Monday I’ve woken up with a high blood sugar and I have no clue as to why.  … more

Recently I taught ‘A Creative Play & Learning’ class at a local Art Center.I teach the class every f … more

Today’s #tbt post was written back on October 13th, 2009 and I thought about it today for … more

 This post re: Insulin pump supplies and health insurance B.S. is a bit long, but I think it’s … more

My mom and or my dad would stand over little tan pot with brown handle of boiling water, these tongs … more

On April 1, 2014 I wrote a post about ‘getting a leg up” on pump infusion site scar tissue and embra … more

I sat there and tested my blood sugar twice – 90 and 74, but I knew I was lower. Much lower. Li … more

As of late, My road to Better is paved with so much damn paperwork that I can barely see straig … more

My friends know I have type 1 diabetes & they’re always interested in what they can do re: my diabet … more

Diabetes Brain  (When you see and or hear something that has nothing to do with diabetes and so … more

Diabetes Blog Week 2014 officially ended yesterday and what a crazy & wonderful week it was! But her … more

Day 6 of Diabetes Blog Week is all about diabetes in pictures. The following pictures rein … more

Please forgive the layout issues in today’s post, Blogger is being really bitchy. Day 5 of #Dia … more

#dblogweek day four, it’s all about our D – Mantra’s, sayings and or talisman we use to get us … more

May is Mental Health Month and today’s #Dblogweek topic is: What Brings Me DownWhat brings me down w … more

Today’s #dblogweek prompt is Poetry & I’m using a direct quote from #DBlogWeek founder Karen Graffeo … more

I lost my original day one of #Dblogweek Advocacy post this afternoon, thanks to technical difficult … more

Pickle MemoriesDiabetesaliciousness™ May 7, 2014, 4:58 pm
It funny how we associate certain things in life with certain areas of our life. As a child I L … more

Diabetes is a crap-shoot of sorts.##### D Card image via RgbStock.comSo over the weekend I read … more

I’m still dealing with the whole foot tendinitis thing & have to keep the long walks really short.&n … more

 Sara – This one’s for you! ##################LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! @jdrfNevada cha … more

It’s been an interesting few days since I last blogged!######It all started Friday afternoon when I … more

This is a Friday “fun” post based on a very real carb conundrum & a little slice of South Philly hea … more

For the record – This list is not in any ranking order- Except for the first one.#####First: Please … more

Today and long with so many others in the Diabetes Online Community, I’m participating in the second … more

Gadget: A mechanical contrivance or device; any ingenious article1. A small mechanical  device … more

Lunch – A lot of times I’m not hungry at lunchtime – It’s just the way I am.  Plus, I drink a&n … more

 I have an affinity for wearing my insulin pump infusion sets on my abdomen and for several rea … more

Kids: Sometimes people tell me stuff that I don’t always want to know. #factBut 9 times out of 10 I … more

All of us living the diabetes life know that test-strip and glucose meter accuracy are two crucial c … more

I don’t really do a lot of seasonal sports sayings/euphemisms on the blog, except of course whe … more

No, it couldn’t be that my relatively new infusion site needed to be changed. Noooooo, it could … more

First off: The 2 winners of the Diabetesaliciousness Joe Soloweijczyk’s ‘A Type 1 Diabetes Guide To … more

On Wednesday  I wrote about my first friend with diabetes, Joe Solowiejczyk and how he cam … more

Writing about Joe, my very first friend with diabetes was difficult because there were so … more

Today started off as one of those days that made me long for a winning lottery ticket and a long vac … more

Low Blood Sugar: Self explanatory – You’re blood glucose drips, you feel like shit and you need to e … more

The actual Crypt Keeper has always scared the crap out of me (Like to the point where I couldn’t wat … more

The east coast was hit with the 15th snowstorm of the season today – A State of Emergency was called … more

My sister without diabetes & I were discussing body issues one day a few years back and she asked me … more

Ahhh – the wonders to be found at the bottom of my meter/diabetes supply case.Yep, this is wha … more

Living with diabetes means that sometimes we have to be aware of stuff that other people wouldn’t th … more

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